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Mediamax Media Production Studio is a professional Recording Studio in Kuwait.
We offer an impressive array of production and recording services, top-class equipment, and affordable rates in a picturesque studio. Whatever audio style you are interested in recording or whichever instruments you play, we’ve got you covered. Speak with us today to see how we can make your musical dreams a reality.


About the Studio

Mediamax Recording Studio was established in 2006 to provide quality service and excellent
Acoustics soundproofed floating studio in Kuwait. Area artists achieve the success they so desire.
Mediamax Recording Studio makes sure our clients work in only the very best facilities with the very best equipment for all their production needs. Our array of high-end gear will ensure that you sound your best,
and will give you a recording experience with the highest quality outcome.


Studio Services

Mediamax Recording Studio offers all the Recording Studio services you need — from Recording, IVR,
ADR [Automatic Dialog Replacement] Film Dubbing, Editing, Pitch corrections,
Vocal Harmony, Background Music scoring, Midi programming and Arrangements, Mixing, and Mastering.
We also rent out our space for Video Shooting, Editing, Color Corrections, 3D Animations, Music Jamming, Chromokey shooting, and Screenings.
Contact us to reserve time in our studio and start working with the very best recording professionals in the biz.

Recording Studio

IVR Productions

AD film






Film dubbing

Acoustic Solutions

Event Management


Work with the Latest Technology



Opening Hours

Sunday - Saturday:  9AM - 6PM 

Friday: 10AM - 7PM

By Appointment


Contact Us

For all inquiries, Studio reservations 
Please leave a message below.

Phone: +965-5577 6247

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Mediamax Media Productions Studio
Messila, Kuwait.


+965- 5577 6247, 6651 6959

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